"Best Choice ... for your successful life"

Founded on July 24, 2010, Best Choice Professional Training is a school of (On Job Training) type for business subjects such as Accounting & Auditing, Finance, HR & Administration, Office Management, Sales & Marketing, and Computer Applications.

Best Choice is dedicated to the mission of the development of Myanmar citizens who their personal & career to become full of quality and skilled professionals. The Training School offers certificate classes like (on job training) courses with a combination of practical concepts based on theory concepts teaching methods.

The founder has a strong aspiration to raise quality education and performance skills, especially the continuous learning, personal and professional development of Myanmar citizens.

At Best Choice, learning and work knowledgeable environment is created for professionals to grow and boost their careers by based on theories and practical workplace concepts.

Best Choice Professional Training is one of the top Vocational Training Schools in Myanmar.
We are providing help young people, undergraduate, postgraduate and business careers for professional development programmes with (job training) courses based on theories and practical concepts of business subjects. There are nearly 7500 students at Best Choice Professional Training across all over programs.
We are sharing the best valuable concepts and high-quality education for workplace performance to our students.

Our Vision

To provide assistance for making Personal Development and Career Development and having easy job opportunity for Myanmar Citizens.
To provide assistance for easy achievement of skillful employees at work for entrepreneurs of Myanmar.
To win recognition as professional and best school of vocation of us among the education services in Myanmar.

Our Mission

To combine and teach practical on job training method based on theory for the relevant every subject.
To give on job training lectures for being highly qualified and skilled employees and to practically contributed theory for every work place employee to be;
To be plenty of goods and highly qualified employees in Myanmar and to open supportive courses considerably for being able to own prosperous lives after easily obtaining job opportunities for every Myanmar Citizen.

Core Values

Skills Development
Acquire Good Opportunities
Easy to Enter a Workplace
Successful Career Life

Ms. Hanni Thaw

Founder and CEO of Best Choice Professional Training and the Managing Director of Super Best Choice Services Company Limited

Ms. Hanni Thaw is a founder and CEO of Best Choice Professional Training and the Managing Director of Super Best Choice Services Company Limited. She is an Entrepreneur and Facilitator with an active interest in promoting the roles and responsibilities of Human Resource Development in Myanmar.She got a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Aldersgate College (Philippines) in Myanmar Campus (Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). She was born in December 1980 to U Kyaw Win and Daw Khin Khin Kyi in Yangon, Myanmar.

After high school, she studied Business Management Major at East Yangon University. She received her bachelor degree in BusinessManagement at East Yangon University in 2004. She had a totally about 10 years working experience, worked in local companies as an employee by Accounting and Management positions from 2000 to 2009. She was employed her own business and established a services company mainly as employment and accounting service in 2010 January. She founded Best Choice Professional Training in 2010 July to boost the personal and career development of Myanmar Citizens.

Currently, she is teaching accounting & auditing and personal & career development, success & motivation related subjects at Best Choice.

Daw Kyawt Kyawt Khing

Lecturer of HR and Administrative

Daw Kyawt Kyawt Khing is a lecturer of HR and Administrative On Job Training Class in Best Choice Professional Training Center. She has been lecturing in Best Choice for over 5 years.

Her current teaching subject areas include; -Human Resources Management Purpose, Process and Key elements of HRM Payroll, Labor Law, Employment contract, SSB Fees and PIT Writing an effective job description Major functions of Administrative

She is currently completes a course of Certified Strategic Manager, Human Resource Management, and Myanmar Labor Law.
And She also Qualification include B.Sc (Physic).
She enjoyed most was the fact that she had to do lots of 'big' thinking: why is HR and Administrative become important in Myanmar?